Hands on customized workshops for your team

Masterclass Nail Academy offers two types of workshops: one for the salon professional, and one for the in-hotel and resort spa staff.

Having a spa experience that far exceeds your guest's expectations is crucial. Your guests pay a premium for what they expect will be an exceptional spa service. But what if it's not? Or what if they request a service you don't offer for a big event - like their wedding? Telling them ‘no’ isn’t an option. Sending your technicians away to a class is costly and learning online is not sufficient. More importantly, allowing the perception of inferior nail services and/or lost revenue opportunities. That's where 20-year veteran and NYC celebrity manicurist, Julie Kandalec and Masterclass Nail Academy comes in.

Allow the classroom to come to you. An experienced educator, Julie has taught hundreds of colleagues and cosmetology students at top salons for over a decade. She thinks of it as a way to pass on her 20 years of experiences with A-list celebrities, supermodels and the most particular clients to other beauty professionals. A stellar spa experience creates loyal guests, higher retention rates, and elevated income for the hotel and beauty spaces as a whole, and not to mention: happy and loyal employees!

Hands-on Masterclass workshops can be 2 hours to 2 days long and tailored to your spa or salon's needs and hours of availability. Non-product specific, classes are designed not only for nail technicians, but offer invaluable skills to other members of the staff, like handling customer complaints and important time management practices.

No budget to fly in a celebrity manicurist? Let's chat - you may be eligible for one of Masterclass Nail Academy’s pro bono workshops, offered once seasonally.