Julie Kandalec Celebrity Manicurist Nail artist and teacher

Masterclass Nail Academy is the brainchild of NYC-based celebrity manicurist and global beauty traveler, Julie Kandalec.

Julie has been a professional manicurist and traveler for nearly 20 years. Collaborating regularly with the world's best photographers and beauty editors at every major magazine, it was a natural step to create her travel and beauty blog, Julie Off Duty.


From Celebrity Nail Artist to a Global Leader in Nail Education.


An experience of a lifetime.

a labor of love.

It was on a trip to the Maldives in 2017 when, after a casual conversation with the spa’s manager, she learned of the urgent need for higher nail education in remote hotel spas and resorts. Technicians were each providing multiple services, including nails, massage and skin care. It turned out that many technicians weren’t adequately trained in nail care, causing the service to become the last priority. These luxury resorts were then receiving service complaints and lost opportunities for additional income. 

Masterclass Nail Academy was created to tackle these challenges and bring Julie's expertise everywhere she went - to create long-term growth and educate & elevate nail skills in top spas & resorts around the world. Spas not seeing issues within the nail department can still benefit from education on current nail and color trends, new products, up-selling techniques, and more. All in hopes of not only allowing resorts to provide the exceptional services at all levels that their guests expect, but to also achieve this profitably while creating the opportunity for local technicians to earn higher wages creating a fantastic total spa experience for the resort.